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Premax Nail Clipper

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Premax Nail Clipper

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Premax Nail Clipper

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Premax Nail Clipper

Premax Nail Clipper



The Ring Lock System developed by Premax is made of a stainless steel bearing, an aluminium bearing and a Teflon ring assembled with a special high precision machine used in the watch industry. This allows a precise setting of the blades, eliminates the blades "twist" and guarantees a uniform quality of the production lot. The Ring Lock System improves the movement of the blade which, rotating around the Teflon ring - auto lubricating and non-deforming material - keeps the blades set stable and guaranteed forever. This Nail Clipper also has a magnetic closure system.


Code 04PX003
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Premax
Colour: Silver
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Aluminium


  1. Worth waiting for...Review by
    I ordered these clippers a few months ago knowing they were out of stock but thought they'd be in stock within a month but not so it took several weeks to receive my clippers but when I got them I've got to say they are very well made with no issues as stated by other reviewers.
    I've got say that HH normally dispatch items very very quickly but in this instance it was out of their hands as Boker obviously had problems supplying stock...
    (Posted on )
  2. Update of my February 2013 ReviewReview by
    Purchased a second pair of these clippers as a gift recently and was pleased to discover that Premax have redesigned the magnetic closure mechanism and the clippers all the better for it. (Posted on )
  3. SuperbReview by
    These are top quality clippers but the only problem, as others have commented, is the locking magnet being able to spin round in use and lock but that's minor. All in all a superb, tough clipper. (Posted on )
  4. Not as good as I was expectingReview by
    Firstly, the pair I received were slightly different in design to the ones pictured here. The spring and magnet are totally different - the rest of the design the same.

    The magnet is loose in my pair, and keeps popping out.

    Worse than this is that the jaws don't meet along the cutting edge due to movement in the 'rink lock' mechanism. Because of this, they don't cut as well as I was expecting. Still just about do the job but a shame as I like the design and I love the chunky size.
    (Posted on )
  5. Almost brilliantReview by
    I bought a pair of these (from HH) a few months ago, partly because of the good reviews but mostly because they look so good. They are larger than I expected(9cm long)and with the exception of the magnetic closure are of utterly superb quality. The magnetic closure is a great idea poorly executed, held in place with a simple poor quality rivet which loosens quickly meaning that the magnet constantly slides to the 'closed' position when clippers are in use (very annoying) and as the rivet gets looser with use the magnet fails to hold the clippers in a 'closed' position (see previous reviewers comments). I finally removed the magnetic lever and replaced it's function with a small zip tie that I slide on to the clipper levers to hold closed when not in use. Having done the 'zip tie' modification they work perfectly and I would endorse them as the best nail clippers I've ever owned. On the whole they are a superb bit of kit - Recommended (Posted on )
  6. Must have got defective pairReview by
    Hugely dissapointed, after reading reviews here I was expecting a quality piece of kit. I must have received a defective product that got missed at quality control! 1. There is alot of lateral movement in the hinge. 2. The top and bottom jaws do not line up straight, nor do they meet all the way along the cutting edge. This effectively makes half the cutting edge useless as only the other half will cleanly sever the nail. 3. The magnet holding the handles together is a terrible fit, so loose that when in use it would swing back between the handles sticking them together, requiring constant fiddling to release the handles. And that's after major readjustment with a pair of pliers. Because it didn't hold the handles together in the first place.

    All in all they are utterly useless. A ú1 pair works infinitely better.
    (Posted on )
  7. AwesomeReview by
    Just buy some..... They really are that good! (Posted on )
  8. A great napReview by
    Very well made and work great even on thicker nails. The best nail clippers I've ever used. Great service from HH as usual. (Posted on )
  9. Beautifully craftedReview by
    This IS a lovely pair of nail clippers! Well worth it. Precision engineering and extremely high quality. Excellent swift, reliable service from HH, as usual (Posted on )
  10. Best clippers I…Review by
    Best clippers I have ever used! Clean cut with no effort on thick toenails. A leather pouch would make them perfect. (Posted on )

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