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Schrade Frontier 52

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Schrade Frontier 52

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Schrade Frontier 52

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Out Of Stock

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Schrade Frontier 52

Schrade Frontier 52



From Schrade comes the Frontier 52 (SCHF52). A large fixed blade knife that makes big tasks feel like little ones. The Knife boasts a 1095 high carbon steel blade (full tang) which is 18cm in length with a drop point shape and a sabre grind. The SCHF52 also features a deep finger choil for increased control and an extremely grippy black TPE textured handle. The handle has been ergonomically shaped and includes jimping for additional functional grip.

As well as getting the knife, the Schrade Frontier 52 comes complete with a black polyester belt sheath, ferro rod and diamond sharpening stone. Essentially everything you need to carry and maintain your blade in the field.


Code SCHF52
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Colour: Black
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 18.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 32.6
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Handle Detail: Contoured Textured TPE
Blade Finish: Black
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Cutting Edge (cm): 15.6
Sheath: Black Nylon Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 483
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Great knifeReview by
    This knife is a beast! Very solid construction with an excellent grip and came razor sharp straight out of the box. The added sharpening stone and ferro rod and striker make this a very good addition to any prepper/ survivalist or bush craft enthusiasts collection of equipment. It's a very thick and sturdy blade so it's ideal for any chopping or log splitting tasks and you get a sense that this knife could certainly take a pounding if required. The grip has a generous amount of room which is perfect for larger hands like mine and even comfortably fits my nephew's hands which are huge. Its reasonably heavy but still allows good control and although it's quite large you can still do finer tasks like feathering easily. I'm very impressed with it overall and although it's what some would call a budget priced blade I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy another and this is my first Schrade knife. If this is a definition of what Schrade knives are like I will be getting more. It's also the first time I've bought from Hennie Haynes and I've found there service to be second to none with a very fast delivery. So a top notch knife at a very reasonable price delivered by a top notch supplier. What more could you ask for! (Posted on )
  2. Heavy DutyReview by
    This Shrade SCHF52 is quite large which I am sure is going to perform great at chopping and other tasks which maybe put on it.
    The knife feels quite comfortable in the hand and the coating on the handle feels very comfortable and should not produce any hot spots on the hand of the user.The spine is 6 mm in diameter with a large finger troil .
    The pouch supplied comes with an extra pocket which contains a sharpener and ferrocium rod .
    I am pleased with this purchase and represents value for money compared to knives of a similar specification
    Thank you to Heinnie Haynes for their excellent customer service which is second to none as always ..well done to all the staff....Thanks. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to any one looking to purchase goods from them ......this is my go to company ..
    (Posted on )
  3. Brilliant KnifeReview by
    This is a [large] knife and built for many years of work if looked after , has a good heft to it and batons well , not tiring on the hand or wrist , the ferro rod and sharpner are very useful additions , i would certainly recommend this knife depending on your use requirements (Posted on )
  4. Schrade Frontier 52 Heavy Weight BeastReview by
    This is one of my many purchases from HH and have to say very pleased with the knife weight and feel . The TPE handle has a nice grip in all weather conditions ensuring you have a nice grip when needed giving you that extra confidence. The black coating gives that protection against the elements that may come into contact with the knife . The blade material is 1095 carbon steel and excellent thickness to the blade making this the ultimate survival go anywhere knife. The black polyester sheath with velcro loop make it easy to attach to belt with cordage supplied with the sheath to attach to your leg or other gear.
    You also get ferro rod, striker and diamond sharpener in the neat pocket on the sheath which make fire lighting tasks a breeze as well as sharpening the knife in the field.

    If I had the choice to have one knife to take on a hiking adventure it would be this knife. I would put this knife with some of the top brands such as ESEE 6 and Becker BK9 which have similar qualities. but priced a lot higher.
    (Posted on )
  5. 22/11/2016. Solid...Review by
    Arrived oiled, unlike others I've had. Nice. Feels great in my hands whichever grip I use; a pretty well balanced knife. Fairly sharp out of the box - I have a bald patch on my arm to prove it; maybe just a bit of finishing needed. Assuming it's as tough as it feels, and at this price, you'd be a professor dumb-ass not to buy one. Also, an honourable mention for Heinnie Haynes for most excellent service - AAA. (Posted on )
  6. Good piece of steel.Review by
    This was my first order from this site, and despite that I checked the free delivery option I received it within a day (kudos.) The knife is a heavy beast that I am confident will do any camp related chore from batoning wood to carving trap triggers. Though knives like my Mora bushcraft are better at fine work, the design of this knife allows you to 'choke down' to competently accomplish reasonably detailed work.

    The true utility of this blade is shown in it's ability for heavy duty use. The knife has an indestructible feel to it which is exactly what you want from a knife for a B.O.B. or I.N.C.H. bag. Do you need an axe? You're better off with a folding saw and a knife like this.

    Is it razor sharp out of the box? It's sharp and usable , but like most people who appreciate knives I'll hone it myself. Razor sharp blades are fragile, knife sharp blades do the job they're intended for.
    (Posted on )
  7. Good chopper, great handle.Review by
    Superb service from HH again, thank you.
    I got a voucher for xmas, i wanted a survival knife sized blade so took a punt on this. I went for the 52 to give good blade length for light battoning and chopping action. I was looking at the spec plus knives but i heard good things about these.

    I don't do tactical knives , however the knife is a pleasant surprise, i don't like the saitin black finish and have heard of people removing it, however, the handle is an absolute delight, seahorse handle is it? It feels superb, fits my size 11 hands well, gives good multiple grip options, i cannot fault it at all. The rubber scales are amazingly grippy. Its sharp enough, but its no precision tool mind.

    The sheath, to me as a non tac person, is an abomination. I hate everything about it sadly. The knife deserves so much better. However, the knife is worth the effort of me making one, so i am planning on making one like a ka bar leather sheath but in black to match.

    If shcrade made this knife, with brown rubber scales, leave the steel natural, and a brown leather sheath, this would be an awesome, awesome knife package.

    Its a good knife however and I'm only kocking a star off for the sheath, the knife is good and the handle is mega.
    (Posted on )
  8. Sharpened PrybarReview by
    Heavy, solid, reasonably sharp out of the box, the handle is quite comfortable and it chops well for a blade this size.

    A hollow grind, but not extreme, and the coating is smooth, unlike the coating on the SCHF37, this knife splits wood well, whether by battoning or by a simple chop on some 3" thick 10" long sections of birch.

    The sheath is simple and sturdy, the ferrorod produces a shower of sparks either from the spine or the supplied striker, and the diamond sharpening stone, while course, produce a usable edge in short order.

    Overall a good package at an attractive price, which is perfect for modification.

    And great service from Hennie's as usual :)
    (Posted on )
  9. SCHF52Review by
    Just great value for money. These 2016 models have a new blade coating and a new handle design. So, the SCHF52 has, Blade - 7.4" inc.ricasso. Handle - 5.5". Stock - 5.8mm. Balance - at the hilt. All specs. approx. The nylon scabbard is the same quality as ONTARIO knives. It has a hard insert, a QD belt loop, and an adjustable retaining strap with a snap. You also get a pouch with a diamond sharpener, and a fire steel with a striker. The blade also has a 90* spine, so you have two ways to strike your fire steel. The old models won an award in the USA, I can see these 2016 models doing the same. My Bank Manager is very happy with my purchase ! (Posted on )

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