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Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

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Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Blue

test 1Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Bluetest 2Smith & Wesson Tactical Pentest 3Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Bluetest 4 Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Blue
test 1Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Blacktest 2Smith & Wesson Tactical Pentest 3Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Blacktest 4 Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen - Black
test 1Smith & Wesson Tactical Penstest 2Smith & Wesson Tactical Pentest 3Smith & Wesson Tactical Penstest 4 Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens
test 1Smith & Wesson Tactical Penstest 2Smith & Wesson Tactical Pentest 3Smith & Wesson Tactical Penstest 4 Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen



With the military and law enforcement communities in mind, the Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen is made with CNC machined, 6061 T-6 aluminum , making it tough and resistant to wear and tear. Not only is this pen an attractive writing instrument but due to its pointed design can be used as a PDA stylus. It has a screw cap and a stainless steel pocket clip. Supplied with a black refill.

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Code SWPEN-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Smith & Wesson
Body Material: Aluminium
Ink Colour: Black
Refill: Uses common Parker or Hauser ink cartridges
Overall Length (cm): 14.0
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 40


  1. Great pen - buy a file Review by
    My pen of choice, it sits comfortably in my pocket. I bought the friendlier blue version as it looks somewhat less dubious to other eyes than its pointed - full metal construction might in someway suggest. As for the S&W hallmark, i would advise scraping it off, a quick check on the company website and a google search of why should be reason enough. I repeat: it's a great pen, and wonderful H&H service as per usual! (Posted on )
  2. Great pen from S.W Review by
    Nice all round pen . Writes well and good build quality. Good service. Thanks (Posted on )
  3. solid piece of kitReview by
    I have now had this pen for two years, during this time I have had many uses for it. Most recently, was during some time I spent in university halls. Other members of the flat were kicking a football at my door at gone 1 in the morning. My response to this was to pick up my pen from desk and proceed to go and pop the ball. The pen has a very durable threading on the cap, it writes well and clearly the possibilities are endless. (Posted on )
  4. Proper Mortar Mans penReview by
    Best pen I ever owned. Comfortable, reliable and well worth it, really, go on and treat yourself. (Posted on )
  5. Excellent Review by
    Good pen writes letters and everything. Well made and screw on cap very secure . More impressed with the service though, delivered 21 hrs after ordering. Thankyou (Posted on )
  6. Tough pen but...Review by
    This is a great pen with a unique look and comfortable for all-day usage (I average 7.5 hr shifts daily). After 18 months of use, it's still looking the part with my only gripe being the Torx screws loosening on the clip. I found a cheap Am-tech torx kit in TKMaxx -job done. Parker P900 refills fit too (Fisher refills tough to get in some parts). Suffice to say, if push comes to shove, this pen will help you write and put someone right if needs must. Perfect on windows, parcels and fruit. (Posted on )
  7. Pretty but PointyReview by
    Nice pen, looks great so ordered after reading all the positive reviews. Great delivery. Pen is really pointy in the flesh at the end, looks too much like a dagger for my use. Returned for refund, no problems and great customer service from HH. Have since reordered different pens. Thanks. (Posted on )
  8. Guard with your lifeReview by
    If you buy this pen you will have to keep an eye on it, it seems to attract collectors, a fine tool for writing with or using on a touch screen. I have 2 or I had 2 the wife loved it also. (Posted on )
  9. Inkredible... sorry, just had to.Review by
    Outstanding pen! tactical applications.... sure you could go through a car door (why i don't know?) if you really needed to with this thing it's that tough!! (Posted on )
  10. Great PenReview by
    This is a truly great pen. Tactical use aside, it's comfortable to write with, comes with a half decent refill (still replaced it with a Fisher Space refill though) and looks epic as well. It's fairly heavy, though not so much as to be a nuisance - I'm a uni student, so doing loads of writing. I haven't yet delved into the tactical aspect of this pen's use, and hopefully never will in real life, but a precaution is better than a hope. (Posted on )
  11. Another winner from HH!Review by
    Firstly, astounding service from HH as always! In-hand in less than 22 hrs, living overseas! The product itself is excellent, writing smoothly for extended periods. Nicely balanced, but not too weighty. Screw cap feels more secure & durable than push-cap of similar offerings. Not as unsubtle as appears in photos, envious comments for all. Well done S&w/HH! (Posted on )
  12. Aerodynamic designeReview by
    This is the more feminine design compared to the military & police version, not so militant looking, but still unique design. The carved aerodynamic workmanship is a nice feature.
    If your other half likes this, get them the light blue or gold version, the screw on cap is a good security feature.
    Wear this in ya breast pocket an show off that lazer engraved S&W lettering.
    (Posted on )
  13. Fantastic!Review by
    I bought the black version, it looks very smart indeed.
    The black is deeper than it appears in the photo and the pen is actually surprisingly light given that the metal is fairly thick. It's not too light however, just enough to give you a perfect amount of weight to shift around the paper.
    (Posted on )
  14. GUNMAKERS PEN!! 2Review by
    just bought blue version for my wife, the colour is outstanding and i nearly did not give it to her it looks so nice!i use my black one for work and it is standing up very well although i have replaced the refill zmf (Posted on )
  15. NNNNOOOOOReview by
    Great pen! Strong design, good balance but no hole to thread a 'prat strap' through.... I lost mine so now I'll modify the next one!! Buy one they're good!! Minus a star for the cr@ppy 'bog standard' ballpoint refill it comes with?! (Posted on )
  16. Solid and tacticalReview by
    Benchmade and miltac sure make great tactical pens. But this one from Smith Wesson is also a winner and a keeper. It is very comparable with those that cost twice as much. (Posted on )
  17. gunmakers pen!!Review by
    This is a very solid pen writes smoothly nice balance and very well made,scored better than timberline pen on price and the screw on cap is more secure than timberline pen,both pens very nice but this scores 5 because it is better for a lot less dosh! (Posted on )

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