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Spyderco Persistence

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Spyderco Persistence

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Spyderco Persistence

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Spyderco Persistence

Spyderco Persistence



Depending whom you ask, Persistence means different things to different people. It means continuing without veering off course or changing function or structure. It describes ongoing existence regardless of interference or challenges. Some even say persistent personalities experience déjà vu more frequently due to their repetitive drive. Spyderco thought it would be a great name for a knife as it also means steadfastness and never-give-up-attitude. Spyderco’s Persistence is the smaller version of the Tenacious Model, another reliable descriptive of human nature.

Spyderco milled the black G-10 laminate handle with prolonged fatigue-free cutting in mind. Comfort in hand means easier use long-term. Skeletonized steel liners tucked inside the handle, increase the handle’s strength level without adding non-functional weight or bulkiness. The 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is a modified skinning-style, flat-grind. Careful positioning of the oversized Spyderco Round Hole, relative to the location of the pivot, pre-set the hand in just the right spot for fumble-free one-hand blade open/close. Fully sharpened edge from tip to tang generates the most cutting edge possible for the blade’s length. A 4-way pocket clip lets the folder set tip-up/tip-down left-hand/right-hand. Walker Linerlock has a jimped liner.


Code SC136GP
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 10.50
Overall Length (cm): 17.3
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.0
Grind: Flat
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 102


  1. Very sharp and great solid lockup, very little blade play and very easy to sharpen. a great EDC while camping or for general use around the houseReview by
    I was bought this as a Christmas Present, and it was my first Spyderco, I was told they are the best folders on the market, but had my doubts about the budget range. WOW what a knife, its razor sharp OTB and only needs stropping every now and then it keep it that way. I've used this for camping, food prep, opening letters and destroying boxes and it has produced excellent results very time, its easy to clean and fits nicely in my hand, great one hand opening and closing with a great blade and belly for slicing and dicing tasks. I highly recommend this knife as a starter or beater knife, it will last you years so is well worth the money and any time you spend cleaning and sharpening it. Great Service from HH once again. (Posted on )
  2. 3 years and countingReview by
    Great every day folder. I use the persistence on my farm daily! the build quality is phenomenal and has stood up well to relentless use...only thing I can pick up on is I have to sharpen it quite a lot but then again it is what it is steel wise and I'm from butchering stock so a few swipes on my steel and it's back to razor. (Posted on )
  3. Very impressedReview by
    This is a fantastic knife! If you have used any other knife in this line you will know just how great the build quality is. I now own the tenacious, the persistence and the ambitious. They are by far my most favorite knifes in my collection. No other knife comes close in terms of ease of use, ergonomics and strength and build quality. Also with the range of sizes I honestly don't think there is a better selection of folding knifes out there at this price. All I can say is get one or get them all as you will not be dissapointed!

    Usual top class service from Heinnie Haynes. They just can't be beat for service and in my opinion and are the only company to shop with when buying knifes!
    (Posted on )
  4. How much! Review by
    I bought this knife over a year ago for my dad as a EDC. The size is great, it's got G10 scales that feel really good in your hand and the blade came nice and sharp with plenty of depth on it to work with. If you are looking for a EDC that ticks all the boxes for under £40 you found it... (Posted on )
  5. Gateway SpydercoReview by
    I usually carry traditional folders or Opinels as daily users, but in the past couple of weeks I've treated myself to some early Christmas presents and splurged on several new blades from Heinnie's. Super impressed that their legendary delivery service seems to operate just as efficiently even in the run up to Christmas. I really don't know how they do it!

    Anyway, one of the blades I chose was a Spyderco Persistence. My first Spyderco and as soon as I got it out of the packaging I immediately understood what all the fuss was about with these knives. The initial impression is that this is going to be robust and dependable. The blade is broader than I expected across the spine, nicely finished with an even grind and shaving sharp out of the box. The 'spyder hole' took a bit of getting used to but now this thing positively flies out of the handle. The lock engages with a satisfying click and, once it has done so, everything is rock solid without any hint of blade play. Then there's the handle. The G10 feels great and the ergonomics are just a perfect for me, making the knife feel like a true extension of the hand. It's just awesome. I also love the combination of the jimping and thumb ramp, which give additional security and control.

    A well designed tool is a pleasure to use. If you need evidence to support this then you need look no further than the Persistence. Needless to say, I am already calculating on my next Spyderco acquisition and I can only imagine what some of their pricier offerings must be like in terms of design and manufacture. In the meantime, I am very happy with this knife.
    (Posted on )
  6. Fantastic knife Fantastic service and delivery HHReview by
    Really impressed with the build quality of this knife, looks and feels like an expensive folder, but no dent in the wallet. (Posted on )
  7. No-brainerReview by
    This is an excellent EDC indeed! The Tenacious being quite big in your pocket and the
    Ambitious equipped with a small blade makes the Persistence the obvious choice.
    It feels just right in your hand , the grip is beyond expectation.
    You might complain about the finish of the Spyderco hole in the blade, but that would not be fair for this price. The blade itself is perfectly centered and is sharp right out of the box. However, sharpness can be improved with the Spyderco Sharpmaker.
    The overall quality is exceptionally good for this price. The more expensive Spyderco's
    will offer a better finish and higher quality steel, but for EDC purposes not really of any relevance in my opinion.
    My usual supplier in the Netherlands did not have the Persistence in his catalogue, but luckily HH could help me out and also for a decent price level.
    The Persistence, an absolute No-Brainer!!
    (Posted on )
  8. BeastReview by
    I was dead set on a Tenacious but at the last second I saw a review and felt a Persistence would be a better fit. Delighted I did because this is PLENTY of knife for me. Super solid construction, no blade play, feels bulletproof. I thought this might replace my Kershaw Chill as my EDC but It's a bit big and intimidating imo. I'll just use it in work where I know it will eat up any abuse I throw at it. Great service as usual from HH, thanks! (Posted on )
  9. AmazingReview by
    Perfect EDC blade, solid lock, easy to open and close one handed. No blade play at all. A ú33 knife that feels like a ú100 knife really amazing. (Posted on )
  10. Excellent knifeReview by
    I was toying between this (Spyderco Persistence) and the Manix 2. I'm not a great fan of liner locks and was at first dubious of the blade steel used. I did some research and decided that the steel would be more than adequate for me.

    I was looking for an everyday knife and since getting this have found it to be ideal. The liner lock is solid and reasuring, the blade has good edge retention and general toughness. With the Manix being more than double the price I think I made the right decision.
    (Posted on )
  11. Like the Tenacious, only smallerReview by
    This knife is an excellent knife to start collecting Spydercos. It is exactly the same as a Tenacious only smaller, it's cheaper and IMO is more comfortable.

    With this price and quality service from Heinnie (as usual) you can't go wrong. Just wish there was a UK legal version.

    Check out my full video review here:
    (Posted on )
  12. good valueReview by
    good knife at a good price,especially if you want to get into collecting spyderco,well built,not too heavy and sharp out the box.better pocket carry than the tenacious. (Posted on )
  13. Spyderco Persistence MK2Review by
    Had to have another one, this is my 2nd Spyderco Persistence, which has the newer Torx screw construction rather than the standard hex. Blade was not perfectly centered but was easily adjusted. The washers are different to the phosphor bronze originals and appear to be a copper variation but do not affect the fast opening action. The 8cr13mov fully flat ground blade is an excellent slice and dicer but will need regular sharpening intervals. In all a superb little folder that is enjoyable for everyday use. (See my previous review)

    Heinnie Haynes 1st class service much appreciated again !!!
    (Posted on )
  14. merthyr wayneReview by
    Top quality at a great price, well constructed with a good lock up. It is a steal at this price, worth more than some knives costing twice as much. (Posted on )
  15. spyderco persistanceReview by
    Great knife little bit stiff on opening cut my thumb 3 times. It's ok now I can't put it down. Love it next one is the Ambitious. Great service from H/H. (Posted on )
  16. Spyderco PersistenceReview by
    What can I say wow well made sharp and only ú32 i have owned a ukpk but this is better and great service again from hh. (Posted on )
  17. Very very impressive.Review by
    So many good things to say about this knife! It comes razor-sharp (literally) and the fit & finish is excellent. It opens smoothly and when locked open there is no play whatsoever in the blade, either up & down or side to side. Overall open length is only slightly more than a standard SAK but the Persistence is clearly capable of heavy-duty work. If you want a high-quality Spyderco you don't need to stretch your budget past thirty-three quid! Fabulous service again from Heinnie Haynes - order submitted at 2:50pm and the knife was delivered next morning! (Posted on )
  18. Great knifeReview by
    Excellent quality knife, great value and really good customer service from heinnie. I originally got the tenacious but found it a bit big and was quickly able to swap it for the persistence with no fuss or questions. (Posted on )
  19. A ú33 SpydercoReview by
    As with the other three members of the value range, this knife delivers. It's always gonna depend on what you're looking for in a blade but this is pure Spyderco. Think about waht you're paying for, then it becomes an instant order. Fantastic mid-sized folder. (Posted on )
  20. YOUTUBE yoyoboy666999Review by
    As I live in the UK and wanted to carry as EDC. I tightened the hinge, ground the handles at the front where the blade sits, in the open position and cut off the lock. Viola a UK legal persistence. See my vid on YOUTUBE. (Posted on )
  21. Spyderco PersistenceReview by
    A neat little folding EDC blade. One hand fast opening little cracker. Steel liner reassuringly clicks & firmly locks in place. Sturdy construction and razor sharp fully flat ground slicer. Well balanced tool which fits in the hand perfectly. Quad mountable strong poket clip to suit every user.

    Excellent fast service once again from Heinnie. Highly recommended!!

    (Posted on )
  22. Nice materials, but 2 major drawbacksReview by
    For the price, the worksmanship is great. Razor sharp out of the box and the scales are nicely shaped with no rough burrs or edges. There is no blade play when tightened

    The clip,however, is too rigid. It takes much effort to bend it even slightly and it is not springy enough.

    The opening action of the blade is also too slow and resistant despite attempts to loosen the pivot screw or oiling. The phosphor bronze bushings which are supposed to assist this seem to be of little help

    (Posted on )
  23. Brilliant KnifeReview by
    Razor sharp perfect knife and at a great price service always good from heinnie haynes easy recommend. (Posted on )
  24. paddy from lutonReview by
    Great little solidly built EDC knife, i dont mind this knife getting knocked about at this price, soooo cheap too! thanks to hienni's for such good service as usual.. this knife brings my spyderco collection to 7 , its because they are such good knives..

    (Posted on )
  25. PERFECT EDCReview by
    I have the bigger brother and just bought this knife as a gift for my father in-law! and after handaling i will have to be getting one for myself same great build quality as all spyderco knives and is razor from the box! i just have to have one now! great service as always! (Posted on )
  26. What do you expect; it's a SpydercoReview by
    World's best service from HH again, thanks guys.

    The huge hype that preceded this knife, has if anything, been surpassed by its arrival, it's an amazing bargain of outstanding quality. But for those new to the knife world, this is no big surprise, it's after all a Spyderco and that quality comes as standard! The only amazing bit therefore is the ú36 it costs.

    Brilliant. Get one. Get more than one.
    (Posted on )
  27. spyderco persistanceReview by
    Great next day delivery best knife I've bought for the money I'd pay more thanks hh (Posted on )
  28. What a bargain!Review by
    What a great knife! I love the g-10 handle, fits perfectly in my hands and gives good grip. Although a budget spyderco, build quality is excellent and one hand opening is really smooth. highly recommended. (Posted on )
  29. Almost perfectReview by
    What a great knife, perfect size and feel in the hand. Think it will be the one I reach for most of the time. (Posted on )
  30. Great working knifeReview by
    This has very quickly become my favourite locking EDC. This is a great user knife and at this price puts Spyderco in pretty much everyones price range. Highly rated and at this price worth giving it a try. (Posted on )
  31. great edc knifeReview by
    I oredered mine on monday at 1pm and got it the next morning, brilliant service again from Heinnie. After watching all the reviews i just had to have one and i have to say its great,the persistence doesnt fail to impress.perfect size,weight and build. (Posted on )
  32. great little knifeReview by
    been using this little beauty at work for over a week now,all i can say is that this is a cracking little knife for the money,not as imposing as it's bigger brother either,excellent "hennie" service,as usuall 5 star (Posted on )

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