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Spyderco UK Penknife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

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UK Friendly

Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knife

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test 1Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 2Spyderco UK Penknifetest 3Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 4 Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knife
test 1Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 2Spyderco UK Penknifetest 3Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 4 Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knife
test 1Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 2Spyderco UK Penknifetest 3Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knifetest 4 Spyderco UKPK - UK Friendly Pocket Knife

Spyderco UK Penknife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Spyderco UK Penknife

Spyderco UK Penknife



The Spyderco UKPK (UK Penknife) with FRN handle, leaf-shaped blade and a flat grind is arguably the UK’s favourite selling pocket knife. Quite rightly so too! Made using CTS BD1 Stainless Steel with Spyderco’s Tradmark Round Hole system for simple ambidextrous opening, at the home of Spyderco in Golden Colorado. This already tells you that this is definitely a knife worth considering!

Because UK knife law does not allow for locking knives, the UKPK instead features a notch-joint at the knife’s pivot. This allows for the blade to feel secure in the open position but ultimately not lock it in place. This little knife also boasts a perfectly positioned deep finger choil and thumb ramp with jimping allowing for incredible control.

The handle is made from ultra-light FRN (Fibreglass reinforced nylon) which is warp-resistant, grippy and performs admirably in almost any environment.

In short the UKPK is a brilliant folding knife


Code SC94PBK
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: CTS BD1N
Blade Length (cm): 7.4
Blade Length: 7.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 17.0
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: FRN
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 98
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Can't fault it!Review by
    There is literally nothing I can find wrong with this knife. You can tell it was designed with the UK market in mind, and it manages to tick all of the boxes in terms of portability, ergonomics and blade design. Nice strong lock, no blade play, quality steel with a good edge. Slim and compact with a deep pocket clip... what's not to like? (Posted on )
  2. Good entry level Spiderco? Review by
    Purchased the UK pk awhile ago from HH never got round to a review!

    I have carried it most of the time and have used it at lunch for apples oranges etc and it has held up well for a cheap steel ? Cheap for Spiderco anyway ?

    There are lots of reviews about this model and at it's price point it is expensive here in Blighty compared with USA price in fact it's about 50% more !

    The HH g10 model would have been the way to go with its better materials but I ordered just before it was in stock !

    The quality of the knife is ok for the USA price but a little below its uk price point I believe?

    The knife does carry well in the pocket and with its half back spring doesn't show up as obviously a knife ?

    Performance isn't bad for cheap steel and is on par with Chinese knives?

    The only thing you have to worry about is people around you don't like it l when you deploy that thick leaf blade !

    This knife and the other uk pk models are pushing their luck as uk legal knives as I know the Police do not like one handed deployment knives ! So care needs to be exercised carrying them !

    I would replace this one with the clip point version next I think as the blade looks to be tougher at the point and its some bit cheaper for some reason ?

    Service from HH was swift as always

    To sum up a good entry level Spiderco if a little pricey!
    (Posted on )
  3. Almost pocket perfectionReview by
    Almost perfect knife. Had this for at least 4 years, bought from Heinnie at the time when it was much cheaper. Blade size is substantial for a UK legal folder. Around the 'country' its fine, but I don't carry it when I know I'll be driving or going into London, just two big in case of stop and search. Sure it's legal but I'd rather not have to explain and prove the point or 'surrender' it.

    Really prefer this 'half slip joint'. Its looser than the otherwise perfect Urban or the overly tiny Squeak, whilst being perfectly adequate for tasks. Hand a knife novice a brand new, unbroken in urban and try telling them its not a lock knife - you'll go through the whole slip joint definition thing, but with this one its obvious to everyone.

    Steel holds up just fine whatever i've thrown at it over the years. Food prep is A-OK, for hard woodworking I've had it chip ever so slightly but only at the bevel (<1mm) which sharpened out OK.

    Only downside is the FRN, which I've never been a fan of (when there's USA spydie G10 as an alternative).

    If it ever breaks I'll buy another. Probably the drop point version for a change or the Heinnie version if its still available.
    (Posted on )
  4. Slip-joint brokeReview by
    After reading the reviews I was excited about this knife. When I bought it the knife was great. Unfortunately after only three months, with minimal use, the slip-joint mechanism broke. Now the blade freely opens and closes with no resistance. Perhaps I received a faulty knife as it sounds like my experience is the exception. (Posted on )
  5. Good knifeReview by
    Really good knife I’ve had it for a few weeks now and used it a lot and there’s still no sign of wear and tear still sharp as well fits well in the hand for a small knife.

    Definitely ordering from here again good Service and fast delivery
    (Posted on )
  6. Well designed but cheap materialsReview by
    The design of this knife is good with the finger choil preventing the blade from closing on your fingers.

    The FRN scales are cheap feeling and the blade steel is average at best. Does take a sharp edge (for a short time) though.

    The main thing preventing this knife getting a higher score are spydercos other uk legal knives. The urban, squeak and spy-dk all have better blade steel and feel stronger with their full back springs at only a couple of pounds more.

    Then there is the Hennie Haynes UKPK which has far better blade steel, slightly nicer scales and a full backspring for an extra £13.
    (Posted on )
  7. Great all purpose knifeReview by
    The ideal knife for work and adventuring outdoors. It is especially well suited to food prep, but will handle pretty much anything you throw at it. I'd argue there should be one in everybody's collection! (Posted on )
  8. Excellent EDCReview by
    This is probably the best compromise of everything allowed in the UK it has an excellnt feel in the hand, good quality tool, the steel it is made of is rust resistant and the edge retention is good, if you are cutting a lot of paper the edge will wear and will need to be repaired, but it is also easy to repair the edge.
    My only complaint is the pocket clip could be a bit more grippy as I have lost one of these already with it catching on a bag strap and the knife being so light I didnt knotice.

    I like it so much I have just ordered tthe Spyderco UK Penknife Lightweight Dark Blue CPM S110V just to haver the same knife with better steel.

    (Posted on )
  9. Great UK legal knife for edc. Review by
    I've had this knife ever since I turned 18 I'm now 20, it's held up really well its a well made knife. Now a lot of people don't like the steel CTS BD1 but as I've had this for two years I can tell you that it's a brilliant steel, so I don't really find myself looking at the £111.95 s110v version but out of curiosity some time down the road I might have to see what it's all about, but at the mean time I'm very pleased with the normal one. (Posted on )
  10. Best knife I have foundReview by
    I always carry and use a knife but only for ubibteresting stuff like opening boxes and cutting packing tape. I have used several pen knives over the years and one of my closest friends recommended this to me. Yes its expensive but my god the quality of blade is just superb. Sincerely i cannot recommend this as a general use and carry knife highly enough. Light as a feather ad surgicaly sharp. (Posted on )
  11. Superb EDC knife at a brilliant priceReview by
    I forget how long I've had this lovely little knife now but it is superb; brilliantly designed by Spyderco to be the best it can be within UK law. Clips in my pocket in the morning and is reached for a regular basis for all sorts, holds an edge really well.
    Have discussed it with a few Police Officers and without exception they have all said they would be very twitchy if they had a reason to stop / search me and found it. So if you do EDC something like this make sure you make it VERY clear you're carrying it if stopped and don't whatever you do reach for it unless nice Policeman instructs you to!

    Usual superb, efficient and oh so friendly service from Heinnie Haynes. So nice to come up against a company that actually cares and delivers on what they say.
    (Posted on )
  12. Great Knife, error in specReview by
    I have had mine for a couple of years, from back when they cost Less than 50 quid !

    It has stood up to everyday use very well, the opening is smoother than ever - I lube it with graphite powder - and it still "locks up" nice and tight.

    Although I have sharpened it regularly I don't think I've taken 40 odd grams off it !
    It only weighs a little over 49 grams, NOT 98 as stated in your spec.
    (Posted on )
  13. A modern classic Review by
    Got one because of all the positive reviews. Not usually one to go for this type. Normally more appreciate traditional slipjoints, SAKs, or Opinels. I am careful that whatever I carry is UK legal, when used for EDC, of course. Well. You certainly get your money's worth with this one. Likes: the feather weight. The ease of getting a nice fine edge. Very positive opening and closing. Useful clip. Ergos. Tidy construction. Secure grip. Don't like? Hmm. I must be old fashioned, but this just feels like a w*on. Yes, yes, I know; it's a tool, first and foremost, and Spyderco have made a quality, meticulously legal, EDC for their UK customers. But I only carry it sometimes. Maybe it will grow on me in time. And for VFM it is a good choice. I know it is a favourite for many. Just not me. So far... By the way, HH service was as ever, world class. (Posted on )
  14. Quality UK legal pocket knifeReview by
    There are over 50 reviews so far all rating this knife highly so there is very little I can add, except to say as soon as I received the parcel I noticed how light it is. It's so light you barely notice it in your pocket. Second thing I noticed is the half length back spine which no doubt saves a little weight. I like the positive gimping on the top and bottom of the blade and the effective finger choil. There is a positive 90 degree blade stop on closure and an easy to use (i.e.. not too tight) pocket clip. The blade is easy to open with one hand and I love the leaf design. It is very sharp and mine has continued to remain sharp. The feel in the hand is excellent. If you need a light weight UK legal 'everyday' knife this would make a great choice. As usual it was delivered incredibly fast. Customer service obviously matters to Heinnie, that's why I don't bother with anyone else.. (Posted on )
  15. Great edcReview by
    Love this knife. Came shaving sharp out the box.
    Nice lightweight but feels strong and sturdy. Easy one hand opening which means i find myself using it more.
    Its the most expensive folder i have and it does feel like great value to be honest, i was expecting it to be good and it doesnt dissapoint.
    (Posted on )
  16. ErgonomicReview by
    Ergonomic and user friendly. If it had been made to measure it would not be any more comfortable in my hand.
    It is light in weight but not in quality nor strength for an EDC knife . Excellent bit of equipment. Well done Spyderco and well done H H for excellent service as usual.
    (Posted on )
  17. Good penknifeReview by
    I bought this at least a year ago, as my own penknife was worn out, this is a far superior replacement. It is useful for so many tasks, from opening boxes to cutting tape or garden twine.
    It seems to me that this is legal to carry in one's pocket in public as long as one is sensible with it and leave it out of sight unless needed for a task, for instance I always used to carry a knife in my car to cut the seat belt if in an accident. People have died due to being stuck in the car held by a damaged or tight belt. This would provide that facility, and my old knife would not now be legal due to the blade length. Also this is not a lock knife, it has a sturdy spring mechanism to help preventing it closing on one's fingers but it is definitely not locked in place, also there is a ridge on the top of the blade to help stop it closing.
    After all this time it is still paper sharp and I have not had to sharpen it yet.
    Great service from Hennies when I bough t it up to their usual high standard.
    (Posted on )
  18. Superb lightweight UK EDC knifeReview by
    This is my first Spiderco knife.

    It's really nicely put together.

    The scales are fibreglass reinforced nylon (FRN). They are SO light weight! but feel incredibly strong. I am extremely impressed with this material. There are no metal liners, but because of the FRN, this doesn't bother me. The material is rough, and very grippy, but not to the point of being unpleasantly abrasively rough like sandpaper. All in all a very comfortable handle.

    The clip is lightweight, strong and does it's job well. It is a very understated design, and the knife will ride very low in your pocket.... the only complaint with this is that it makes extracting the knife slightly fiddlier than when you have a bit of knife, and some screws to grasp at when you pull.

    The blade deploys very nicely, and without much effort. The design of the back spring is cool, as it isn't the full length of the knife. The back spring is a little over half the length of the handle, and could do with being slightly stronger, but it's not bad, just mind your fingers! This knife can close like non-locking knives are prone to. It is part of why this knife feels so incredibly light. You will forget your are carrying it!

    The blade is a nice design, and cuts well. Mine didn't come very sharp out of the box. I haven't sharpened it myself yet, so I can't really rate the full potential of the knife's edge here. I'm sure when properly sharpened it will perform well. The tip is extremely fine, and VERY sharp.

    This is a lovely every-day-carry knife
    (Posted on )
  19. Well thought out and executedReview by
    I tried really hard not to like this knife, but I can't. If you are limited to a non-locking folder the UKPK is the perfect edc. It is easy to open and close with one hand, is easy to keep clean and the steel holds and edge extremely well - as one expects from a spyderco. (Posted on )
  20. The Biggest Legal UK Pocket KnifeReview by
    I have been carrying this knife every day for eight months. The knife is so light it just disappears into a jeans pocket but the clip allows it to be easily retrieved when needed. Smooth one hand opening and the choils provide a secure grip that reassure you that the knife will not close on your fingers, despite the lack of a lock. The blade steel is good and retains an edge well enough to slice through a couple of hundred feet of double cored cardboard before needing to be sharpened. The edge can be brought up sharp enough to match or exceed any craft knife. Cuts carpet and lino brilliantly.

    This is a knife designed to meet the absolute limits of legality for an EDC knife in the UK. Provided you carry and use the knife sensibly and appropriately, you won't have any legal problems.
    (Posted on )
  21. Great value, great knifeReview by
    The majority of reviews here sum up how good this knife really is. So what can I add.? Not a lot to be honest. I agree with all the positive comments and disagree with the majority of negatives. The FRN scales are not flimsy and don't feel cheap. I think the majority are missing the point (no pun intended). All you have to do is take a long hard look at the 'value for money' are getting a superb, well balanced, light, grippy, good quality sharp blade, with an extremely positive engagement when opened, with a full 4 finger grip with the index finger and thumb placed comfortably in the choils to stop any accidental closing when in use. I'm a gamekeeper by trade and need a quality blade in my pocket capable of one handed opening and closing and to keep its edge, for cutting bailing twine to skinning small game. This knife is a gem and has become my favourite EDC. This knife gets my full recommendation. Keep it within its limits and you won't be disappointed.
    (Posted on )
  22. Broke downReview by
    I had 2 of Spyderco UKPK and both broke down in the same locking blade place , i think this is design problem ,hope i will get my money back , because i can not trust for 3 time to this knife. (Posted on )
  23. Beautiful knife!.Review by
    Considered one of these for some time. I use a knife quite a lot a work so this was good option for the price.
    Absolutely delighted. Rock solid lock-up for a slip-joint, just feels good in the hand.
    Highly recommended, usual perfect service from HH!.
    (Posted on )
  24. A most amazing piece of knife designReview by
    Thanks to a usual perfect service by Heinnie Haynes, I received this wonder of a knife today. I had a first generation FRN UKPK that I disliked and had to sell because of the weak backspring, which I couldn't stand. This new one with the split backspring no longer has that flaw, it offers just the right amount of resistance to closing. It's as perfect as a folder can be: ergonomic, lightweight, razor sharp out of the box, as was to be expected from a Spyderco. I already like it more than my Terzuola Slipit, a wonderful knife as that, too, may be. (Posted on )
  25. Simply Brilliant Review by
    It's beautiful. Simply the greatest knife I've ever had. Smooth lines, perfect finish and pleasing design.

    I can't tell you just how much I love it, and if you're someone who appreciates a thing of beauty, then this if for you.

    (Posted on )
  26. Good knife poor handlesReview by
    The design of the knife is great. The blade is good too and its very light weight but that comes at a cost as the handles and clip feel cheap. (Posted on )
  27. Great value EDCReview by
    This is a well made well balanced knife for a EDC, its also nice and light so it doesn't feel like a brick in your pocket - the blade sharpens and hones easily but if your after a heavy use blade then perhaps you need to look at VG10 etc but for most normal EDC users and for the money its excellent value. (Posted on )
  28. Best UK Legal EDCReview by
    My UKPK has been with me everywhere scince I got it. So light I sometimes forget it's clipped in my pocket, even tho it meets the criteria for a legal carry knife here in the UK I'm sure PC Plod would say different (Posted on )
  29. Great little toolReview by
    Lightweight and easy to use. It sharpens very easily and stays sharp. Really nice little knife that is legal to carry. Bonus (Posted on )
  30. Spyderco UKPK - GREAT!Review by
    I was worried about this one as I hate using larger pocket knives that don't lock. But really happy to say, I feel as comfortable using this as a locking blade. The finger guard is perfect for stopping the blade closing on you.

    It clicks nicely into place and feels solid. A bit expensive, would've liked to see some better material on the handles as they let it down slightly, compared to say a mini-griptillian.

    Solid blade and action
    Gets very very sharp
    Legal to carry (we think)

    I wouldnt say cheap feeling material for the handles. But could've been nicer, a bit more heft would be good

    Not a fan of the pocket clip, again This could've been nicer.

    Surprisingly not sharp out of the box. Had to give it a go on the sharpmaker before it would cut properly.

    Great knife but I'd love to see the same knife with Para2 style scales, to make it feel nicer.

    (Posted on )
  31. About the best you can get in this categoryReview by
    There aren't many choices for UK legal, light, bulletproof EDC knifes.

    I know there's not much to get wrong (there's what, about 10 pieces to this knife, including screws?) but it's all flawless.

    You can really throw this knife around. The blade stays centered and the mechanism stays solid.

    The few negative comments I've seen on Youtube and places seem to be around the scales. That the FRN, or the weight overall feels cheap.

    Well, buy it knowing that the grip is grippy, the handle certainly won't break and it's so lightweight it's perfect for EDC.

    Would have really liked the foliage green (or any other colour really so it seems more friendly to onlooking eyes), but that was discontinued a while ago with no plans to add it back in the mix from Spyderco for the moment.

    Still, 5/5.
    (Posted on )
  32. excellentReview by
    I have been using the buck canoe for my edc , which I absolutely love but now I own the UKPK that has changed. The UKPK is so light sturdy and of such quality I am converted. It is so easy to use with the one handed opening, razor sharp from the box and good quality steel it can be used on all manner of tasks. Spyderco is the Daddy of knife makers!
    Excellent service from Heinnie as usual.
    (Posted on )
  33. my new edcReview by
    praise the lord sal glesser for he bestowed on us the people of the united kingdom the ukpk one of the best if not the best uk legal everyday carry knives on the market, the steel holds an edge well and sharpens up really easily and the handle feels like the missing piece of your hand and the clip carrys deep so is nice and discreet, i absolutely love this knife and would recommend this to anybody who needs a good uk legal knife (Posted on )
  34. poor handleReview by
    I already had Byrd tern, so after seeing various comparisons on the internet i thought i would buy this knife.
    When compared with the cheaper Byrd, i found the FRN handles on the ukpk to feel very flimsy, no where near as strong as the G10 handles fitted to the Tern.
    I also didnt like the way the spring/seperator was only three quarters the length of the knife handle.
    (Posted on )
  35. nice addition for uk spydero fansReview by
    having carried the Byrd Tern for over a year and being very pleased with it as a uk legal alternative to a Victorinox penknife I took the plunge and went for the ukpk. I do like this knife and you can feel the difference in your hands in terms of smoothness of opening and I do think the knife is more ergonomic than the tern being a bit larger in the hand. I cannot comment on the blade edge retention as I have only just started using it but the edge is sharp out of the box and you would have to be really fussy to want to sharpen it further. the scales are not lined which is a bit of a marmite topic but keeps weight down to the point you will forget its in your pocket. if it were a choice between the Tern and ukpk then I would suggest the ukpk but having a long term experience with the Tern I would whole heartedly recommend that if you are on a tighter budget. (Posted on )
  36. Great knife, great serviceReview by
    Great knife, sits low in the pocket as opposed to my Boker which could be seen a mile off. Although both are UK legal I'd rather have something less conspicuous.
    The knife itself came sharp, but will give it a little attention anyway. It's really light, but still feels sturdy when it's open and has a good fit in my hand.

    Usual amazing service from Heinnie, it arrived the next morning despite a late order (and I'd assumed it'd be the day after). At the rate they process and dispatch their orders they must be pooling delivery resources with Santa.
    (Posted on )
  37. Nice UK legal EdcReview by
    Usual spyderco quality the blade needed a little attention maybe 5 mins to get it really razor sharp. My second spyderco of HH in the last few weeks last one was an Endura 4 vg10. I actually think the CTS BD1 blade on the ukpk took a sharper edge than the Endura. But to be honest both can easily shave the hairs of your arms with no effort.

    As always 5 star service from HH and I looking forward to building my spyderco collection with them. Just need to decide on the next one now.

    Thanks HH
    (Posted on )
  38. Fantastic knifeReview by
    I can really only repeat what previous reviewers have said about this knife.

    It's very light, opens easily with one hand, is ridiculously sharp out of the box and the flat ground blade is very easy to re-sharpen shoud you need to. I haven't needed to yet, after two weeks of fairly constant use. The jimping on the choil and spine make for a very secure grip, and I'm happy with the FRN handle, It should be nearly impossible for the knife to close accidentally if you hold it as you're meant to.

    Solid action, well constructed and easy to change or remove the clip, should you want to. Well worth the money.

    Had the usual great service from HH of course :)
    (Posted on )
  39. nice knife!Review by
    So bought my Spyderco UKPK, Heinnie great service as per normal!
    its a good knife and am happy as Larry that I can EDC this knife it came razor sharp, fit and finish are as you would expect from Spyderco but to be honest I think for what it is its way over priced! Just my personal view, this may change as I edc it, we will see!
    (Posted on )
  40. obvious qualityReview by
    This knife doesn’t seem much for near 50quid but it is. I’m not usually a fan of tactical looking knives but I wanted a knife I could open with one hand for work use. I always used a lock knife
    In the past as much for the one hand reason as for the locking reason but recently been using a stockman, good but not as handy. After reading loads of reviews decided to order the UKPK. All I can say is as soon as you handle one of these you can't help but be impressed, light as a feather but feels tough as old boots, lunatic sharp, great grip from the FRN scales, even the pocket clip seem to add to the grip factor. Add to that the solid lock up and the only trouble is I think I need to buy more Spyderco knives.

    HH do you have a post office in your warehouse or are your warehouse in a post office. You set the standard. Thank you.
    (Posted on )
  41. Stunning bladeReview by
    When I got my hollow ground UKPK (1 year ago) I was really really impressed. This came through my door 2 months ago and it's has completely replaced the old one. The blade wasn't sharp at all out of the box but a few passes on my stones sorted that out. The FFG blade is great, really fantastic for food prep and light/medium EDC use. The finish is no where near as nice as the old 'powdered steel' look of my hollow ground one (C94PMR) but it impedes performance in no way. Got a much stronger back spring than the old one which I personally love.

    Fab blade, great for general work/EDC use.
    If you don't own it you should!
    (Posted on )
  42. First Spyderco, New to EDC. UKPK is perfect.Review by
    This is my first Spyderco knife and my first UK legal carry knife and I absolutely love it. After reading lots of reviews on the UKPK and hearing frequently that it was the best UKLC knife about I am not disappointed.

    Came out of the box razor sharp, literally unbelievably sharp, could shave with it if I wanted to. It's very light hardly notice it in my pocket and since receiving it around two weeks ago I carry it everywhere with me.

    Really good retention on the pocket clip, grips really well, never have a problem with it accidentally coming out. It carries really deep so it's easily concealable.

    The slip joint is really solid, holds really well no chance of it closing on your fingers accidentally especially as it's effectively has a two stage close where it locks again half way shut.

    The FRN is grippy but not overly aggressive, I personally like it.

    Overall it's a really amazing knife, so light, sharp as hell, everything I expected and more. Definitely considering another Spyderco UKLC possibly the Squeak as a smaller alternative.

    Great service from HH I don't know why there is even he option to pay for next day delivery as it was here next day anyway.

    (Posted on )
  43. Best of the lightweight UKPKs so farReview by
    This version has the new split backspring, which holds much more securely than the decidedly soft spring on the older GIN1-bladed UKPKs. With that and the full flat grind leaf blade, which for my money is the most useful shape, I rate this the best of the "cheap" UKPKs.
    "Cheap" is a relative term of course. It doesn't feel like you're getting a lot for your £50. Many of the Boker non-lockers cost less but look and feel more expensive than this. But you're paying for that unique Spyderco design. These lightweight UKPKs are less than half the price of the old G10-handled ones.
    The waffle texture on the FRN scales is quite abrasive, which is great for grip, even with wet hands; but if you use the pocket clip it does tend to wear the inside of your pocket every tiem you pull it out.
    (Posted on )
  44. Excellent EDCReview by
    Very nice knife. Sharp out of the box, flawless finish. The blade is perfectly centred and stays firmly in place both in the open and closed position. Nice, comfortable grip., useful pocket clip.

    Very pleased with the knife and the service (next day delivery). Highly recommended product!
    (Posted on )
  45. Best knife I can legally carry in the UK!Review by
    I first bought the Byrd Tyrn, I'd done some reading and watching and figured it was the best bang for my buck. Up until recently I've been carrying my Benchmade Mini Griptilian (which is btw, the best knife I've ever owned) but after a few close calls I decided that a legal carry would be a much better idea. I lost the Byrd and figured, what with getting a new job, that I would treat myself to the Spyderco edition and I can't explain how impressed I am with this knife. The Byrd was nice, don't get me wrong but this is in a whole other league. It opens easily but offers a lot of resistance when you close it - exactly what you want from a slip-joint knife. Shaving sharp out of the box (that's not that impressive but it will be if I can put it back later on) and it weighs nothing. I love heavier knives, the Benchmade is a really solid, decent weight knife, you know it's never going to close on you or misbehave in any way. This Spyderco feels the same only...light. I can't recommend this knife enough and if you can either hold out that extra week or even month, save your money and buy this over the Byrd. (Posted on )
  46. The best one so farReview by
    I was a bit dubious about this knife because I'm not keen on FRN handle scales but the material used on this knife is a lot sturdier than my Dragonfly FRN...
    The slip joint works really well and has great resistance so doesn't fold up too easily when in use.
    The blade wasn't as sharp as other Spyderco knives I've had but half an hour on my DC3 sorted it out.
    Overall a great UK legal EDC.
    (Posted on )
  47. Perfect EDCReview by
    Lightweight but very capable. I have large hands but this knife is comfortable to use. The blade is a useful size and the full flat grind slices through cardboard, vegetables, tape - you name it.
    Very easy to deploy one handed and place back with the pocket clip - its so light you don't notice it. It also sits very low in your pocket so very inconspicuous.

    Most importantly the lock up is extremely positive - there is a distinctive 'notch' to overcome in order to close the blade.

    My new favourite legal carry EDC. Excellent service from HH also.
    (Posted on )
  48. SpydercoReview by
    Great knife , easy to maintain plus the usual great HH service BUT I wish Spyderco would put a decent pocket clip on instead of this wire frame rubbish, it's very easy to catch and bend whilst in your pocket then the knife falls out, fortunately I usually hear mine drop. (Posted on )
  49. UkpkReview by
    Popped in to Heinnie today and picked up a UKPK, I love Spydercos and they're the only knives I own but sadly I'm disappointed with the UKPK, it certainly don't feel like a ú50 knife to me, wish I bought the Boker XS! However, great service and advice as always from Richard, top bloke, top company. (Posted on )
  50. Great UK legal edc!Review by
    I'd been looking at various UK legal carry knives for a while and eventually opted for the Spyderco.
    This is a great knife - like a featherweight razor in the hand, with a good solid slipjoint mechanism that takes a fair bit of effort to close with one hand (which I was pleasantly surprised with!).
    The FRN handle scales feel better than I had expected.
    Overall a good quality knife at a reasonable price and the service from HH was great as usual.
    If you are thinking of a UK legal edc, you can't go wrong with the UKPK.
    (Posted on )
  51. Great EDC knifeReview by
    This was my first order with HH and I cannot fault them, great communication and super fast delivery.

    On to the knife, it is super sharp out of the box just a strop away from shaving hairs, it's very light but still feels sturdy great EDC, first of many more!
    (Posted on )
  52. Excellent knife, excellent service.Review by
    I returned a CRKT Liong Mah for this knife, and I've got to say it's heads and shoulders above what I was expecting. The only thing better than the UKPK is the service by the guys and girls at Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  53. Fantastic KnifeReview by
    First things first, what a brilliant service from Heinnie Haynes. Ordered at 3pm, arrived next morning with standard delivery.

    I had been looking at this knife for sometime but have no idea why I held off for so long, it is one of the best I have ever owned.
    Razor sharp straight out of the box, lightweight, great design and seems durable.
    Spyderco make very useful knives.
    (Posted on )
  54. AmazingReview by
    Amazing service, arrived the day after ordering with standard delivery. Nice and sharp out of the box, don't know why it's taken me so long to get one. (Posted on )
  55. Love it!Review by
    First off as usual fantastic service from Heinnie Haynes, it's their service that keeps me a customer! Onto the knife, it's fantastic! I also have the Byrd Tern (its slightly cheaper brother) and I wish I just spent the little bit more originally and got the UKPK! I was a little worried about the handle material being FRN instead of G10 but I prefer it. It has a similar look and texture without the chances of delamination etc. The fit and finish is amazing! perfect blade centering, no freeplay from left to right (adjustable anyway) and the blade was razor sharp out the box. The UKPK is also far smoother to open than the Tern and makes one handed opening very easy!
    Overall very happy with my purchase and you can realy see and feel where the extra few ú go! I would recommend it to anyone!
    (Posted on )
  56. Great EDCReview by
    Love this knife. Lightweight and so practical. Razor sharp and holds its edge.
    I have carried and used it everyday for the last 6 months.
    It would have got a better score but the spring sheared for no good reason.
    I am lost without it!
    (Posted on )
  57. Lovely knife crap FRN!!Review by
    I do actually love this little knife, it's UK legal carry, extremely sharp and I love the finish on the blade, it's one of the most attractive factory finishes I have seen, saying that, it is of course subjective. I don't like the flimsy plastic cheap as chips handle scales, now I know that you can buy them with various high end handle scales, at the time of writing HH do one with titanium, but it is over ú170, and I just can't help thinking about the lovely cutlery available for that kind of money. Still five stars though, just because it is so bloody useful!! (Posted on )
  58. Perfect EDCReview by
    As with the other reviews, I agree that this is 5 star effort from Spyderco. Mine arrived today, along with the Anza Boddington that I ordered at the same time and this is the one I have spent the most time handling. For anyone wanting a UK legal EDC, look no further. This is light, sharp, reasonably priced and almost "locks". The choke point under the pivot is very clever too as even if the blade did close partially, it would not be able to fully close (unless you were being irresponsibly reckless with it). Fantastic service from HH as usual! (Posted on )
  59. Best legal one-hander I've heldReview by
    Larger than I thought, and with a razor sharp edge that seems to lock in place - although if Mr Spyderco says it's UK legal because it does not lock then who am I to argue? It is so easy to open and close with one hand. It's very quickly becoming my most cherished knife. I asked HH to remove pocket clip for me, and as usual your wish is their command. Brilliant. (Posted on )
  60. Well worth the moneyReview by
    Firstly, have to thank HH yet again for the fast delivery.

    Love this knife, lightweight and razor sharp. Feels great to hold.
    (Posted on )
  61. UK PK A-OKReview by
    Just received this in usual quick fashion, well done guys.

    Lovely little FFG leaf blade, just the right size and weight for EDC.

    The handle and jimping provide excellent grip, the blade is razor sharp out of the box and has a very nice lustre.

    All in all a great little knife!
    (Posted on )
  62. Love HateReview by
    I have rather a love/hate relationship with Spyderco, I own several and in general they are fabulous, however, they are expensive, so when I find little faults with them it rather annoys me!! I also hate FRN scales and for the price I think they should make the effort and supply G10 as an absolute minimum, it is as everything subjective though. Anyway this is one of my favourite Spyderco's. The blade shape is perfect for everyday use, it opens easily with one hand and the blade retention in the open position is spot on, a huge improvement on the old style, plus its legal in the UK, if you use your knives as well as collecting them you should own one!! (Posted on )
  63. UK Penknife FRN Leaf Flat GrindReview by
    Nice FFG Blade and as always awesome service from H/H.

    (Posted on )
  64. UKPKReview by
    This is my 2nd UKPK I have the sabre grind version and had to have the flat grind one too. Amazing knife & awesome service from Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  65. Great little EDC knife for the UKReview by
    Anyone familiar with Spyderco UKPK know the great reputation they have.

    I have three of these knifes (different colours and blade designs) but this is my new favourite.

    The slip-joint mechanism is stiffer than previous models which is a nice improvement and adds to the knifes safety. The blade comes ultra-sharp out of the box with perfect centring and alignment.

    As ever - a great level of customer service from Heinnie Haynes
    (Posted on )
  66. My second knife,…Review by
    My second knife, I lost the first but missed it so much had to buy another. (Posted on )
  67. Well-made UK legal EDCReview by
    Beautifully made knife, solid build, blade perfectly centred. Came with the new split backspring, so will not close easily. Has a half-stop, and only closes itself when the blade is 1cm or so from the handle (don't know if this is the design or not!) so no danger of trapped fingers. A perfect UK legal EDC and one handed opener to boot. Still pricey for what it is - but hey, it's a Spyderco and that means quality.
    Top marks to Heinnie Haynes as always - knife delivered in 24 hours; always a pleasure to deal with this company.
    (Posted on )

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