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Svord Peasant Mini

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Svord Peasant Mini

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test 1Svord Peasant Minitest 2Svord Peasant Minitest 3Svord Peasant Minitest 4 Svord Peasant Mini

Svord Peasant Mini

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Svord Peasant Mini

Svord Peasant Mini



The very popular Svord Peasant knife is available here in a smaller, "Mini" form.

It features the same high carbon stainless steel and simple but effective textured plastic handle. The tang raises above pivot when the knife is in the closed position. These knives are extremely popular, and are extremely "rustic" in their construction. It is not unusual for customers to be suprised at their "no nonsense" fit and finish. For an everyday, usable knife, this is wonderful. If you're looking for a work of art, this may not be for you.

The non-locking blade is under three inches and is therefore legal to carry within the UK at the owner's discretion.

It is available in a choice of eight different colours.


Code SV142-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Svord
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Length: 6.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.12
Overall Length (cm): 17.0
Handle Material: Polymer
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. prettydamgoodReview by
    I've had the mini for a while now and it's like we're joined at the hip. I filed the opening tab into a screwdriver profile and it is in constant use. Just about to order the big one. Simple, sharp and almost indestructible; it's all I ask. (Posted on )
  2. HMMMMMReview by
    My gripe is the over all length when retracted. Photos do not show it closed, obviously deliberate. I hope it lives up to the reviews when in daily use. (Posted on )
  3. Coming back for more.Review by
    My original review of the Peasant Mini was about 5 years ago. Since then, this basic little knife has been out with me countless times to the garden, workshop, hunting and in a jeans pocket when out shopping, where I normally carry a SAK.

    I have to say that it has been a joy to use/abuse. It has dealt with every cutting task I've put it to work on. I've cleaned the underside of the lawnmower with it, carved up masses of cardboard, shaped dowels, cleaned up rough wooden joints, paunched & skinned rabbits, cut green stakes for a hide and much more besides.
    When it needs resharpening, the steel quality allows me to return it to a close-to-lethal edge with little effort and then it's ready for more work. The original sins of its uneven grind are now part of its charm and I must honestly say, this knife has more usability and character than many other knives I own. It's simple, sturdy and does what a good knife should.
    (Posted on )
  4. Almost perfectReview by
    I'm looking for the perfect peasant knife. Something simple, yet interesting.

    I was amazed at the charm this knife has. Such a.liveky knife to use and fiddle with! Got the blade unbelievably sharp, it splits hairs. My arms are bald for god's sake.

    I got the blue one, the plastic handle is so grippy and comfortable. The simplicity of the knife is so impressive, yet the usability is so good! The tang makes removal from pocket so easy, and once opened out, blade feels so secure.

    For the money, hand made in new Zealand is even more impressive. Going to get more, the wooden one is ok, but double the money, yet looks like an antique.
    (Posted on )
  5. Green for a change...Review by
    Reviewed a blue handled model below, under Richard’s worthy tome. The blue Mini is still going strong and proved its worth a few days ago to quickly shave down a wooden window which had become inoperable due to many years of weathering. So I rate the Peasant Mini very highly.

    A more visible handle seemed like a good idea recently, and for a change, the bright green is ideal. It is like a safety colour, vivid and readily apparent. Great choice for a toolbox.

    I must say the grinds on this one compared to my original blue Mini are very symmetrical and even. There is a slight distal taper to the spine on this neon green model. I surmise that the production team at Svord have really hit their stride, because while my blue one needed a few minutes work to even up the edge, this one needed only a very light strop.

    If you haven’t tried a Peasant Mini, you really should. If the job at hand is not so rough that you really need the disposable blade of a Stanley knife, then in my opinion this is every bit as good a choice as an Opinel or a Mora. Only, thanks to the non-locking blade, the Mini is UK friendly. So it’s more appropriate for some things. For the above mentioned impromptu window repair, in that unexpected situation, I was glad that the Mini was in my pocket. Sanding would have taken forever.

    This design has really won me over from the traditional type of slipjoint folding pocket knife. Nice and light in one’s pocket, durable, well made, and very reasonably priced. And the steel seems, to me, to be a very good balance between toughness and the ability to take and hold a keen edge.

    Much used and much appreciated, the Svord Peasant Mini is well recommended!

    Thank you, HH, for making this excellent model available. Nice one!
    (Posted on )
  6. A must have work knife Review by
    A great work knife with no messing about. The knife fits neatly in your pocket, the grind is not to sharp that the edge will damage easily. When such a useful knife is this cheap you just have to buy one (Posted on )
  7. Brilliant little knife for the priceReview by
    Excellent little knife. Came almost blunt, but amazingly easy to put a paper slicing edge on it, an edge which it holds despite the beating I give it. Comfortable in the hand, with a very secure blade, despite not locking. Friction opening can be easily adjusted, and the whole knife can be taken apart with almost no effort to be cleaned/re-handled. I regularly use mine for bushcraft, and whittling, and recently used it to butcher a pheasant, it has excelled with every task I've given it. It's hard to believe this knife is so cheap. It won't win any beauty contests, but for a functional knife I wouldn't want anything else. One of the most important things about the price, is that it means I'm not "scared" to use it, like you might be with a £50 knife. Would recomend to anybody. (Posted on )
  8. poor finish but awsome knifeReview by
    The fit and finish on the one i got wasn't perfect and the grind lines needed cleaning up a little as they were very uneven but after fixing that i went about moding it to my mothers liking by adding some gimping on the tang and creating a faux hamone with petroleum jelly and acid as well as etching and finished by sharpening it to hair popping sharp. Easy to disassemble and make it your own special unique knife for a nice price, will pick anotherone up next order as this one now resides in my moms handbag. (Posted on )
  9. When imperfect is this , Review by
    Just buy one and sort everything else out afterwards. You will not regret it.

    Style and finish are not the drivers with this one. It is all about simplicity, ease of daily use and super good quality blade steel.

    Looks and feels a bit rough out of the box, but this conceals a FANTASTIC bit of kit.

    (Posted on )
  10. Too nice to miss.Review by
    I've owned mine for about half a year now. Bought it because it was UK Friendly. HH's usual rapid delivery ! I evened up the grind and sharpened it like a razor.
    This week I've made some curly Birch scales for it and I must say this little knife is my favourite now. Beats my Opinel work knife and SAK in my EDC bag.
    Buy one - you will not be disappointed !
    (Posted on )
  11. Cheap and roughReview by
    Picked this up around £15 and have heard lots of good things about this knife as a budget folder. Bit dissapointed by the lopsided grind and blunt edge, but if you own a knife you should be able to sharpen it. After some work on the stones I have evened out the edge and sharpened it up some, and I can see its value as a project or cheap working blade. It is what it is; cheap and roughly made, meant for battering about rather than careful use. (Posted on )
  12. Well worth the price tagReview by
    Simple, effective, affordable. Great for when I don't want to take my more expensive EDC out, like camping.

    The design makes it safer to use than slip lock knifes. Pity more companies aren't making these.
    (Posted on )
  13. A modern classic of an ancient designReview by
    Svord have done a superb job with this knife - I would say that this could be the 'Opinel of our times'. How clever - take a proven design that has consistently performed (the earliest examples of this type off knife date to around 100BC and quite possibly they are much, much older than that). Spend what money you put into it on the carbon steel and forge it in a traditional way to give durability and ease of sharpening, then stick it in a modern polymer handle which outperforms way beyond the original design parameters because it is able to grip the tang and blade with ensures a confidence that exceeds all but a lock knife. Then sell it at an impulse buy price - what could possibly go wrong? How fantastic! What a wonderful bit of kit.

    As a EDC it is simply superb, as a rescue knife it is ideal. I intend to get a couple ion fluorescent ones, grind off the point to round it and attach it to my buoyancy aids for dingy sailing as a sea knife but also as an emergency escape knife, all sailors should carry a razor sharp knife, playing around with ropes can be very dangerous and only last year a couple were drowned when they became tangled underwater in their trapeze harness when sailing. Had they had one of these, they would probably have survived.

    Such knives must be cheap, tough, sharp and easy to maintain. Previously I used Opinel safeties for this but in the future I am going to use ground off Peasants.

    'Green' is fluorescent snot NOT the 'racing green' shown below.

    Understand that this is a tool knife, as simple as that so don't expect beauty - its function is its form. And a UK EDC it excels - not for a suit pocket as it is a biot too bulky (douk douk for that) but in jeans, in the garden, on a picnic, hunting etc... its simply superb. If you want a friction opener of the ancient design as a collectors piece, consider buying a reproduction medieval one from one of the smiths who specialise in ancient swords etc. It will cost you ten times what this cost and you can enjoy looking at it, but if you want to apply this ancient, tried and tested technology, to modern use with modern materials then the pairing of 2000 year old blade and tang design with a polypropylene handle of the 21st C is simply genius - I wish I had bloody well thought of it!

    Another use will be to get two in different colours for the camp kitchen, dodgy tummies and food poisoning are rife when camping or in the wild because of handling raw and cooked meat and limited washing facilities - here you could use a red one for raw and a green one for cooked. And they are only £17!
    Absolutely fantastic.
    Well done and Heinnie delivered the next day before noon!
    (Posted on )
  14. Lightweight and useful. Review by
    Over the years I've collected several pocket knives and as time has gone on, preferences have emerged. Being UK friendly is a must for EDC, of course. For tool density, a SAK. For sheeple, a small slipjoint. And for tasks that simply require a robust knife, a lightweight single bladed folding pocket knife with a blade length a bit less than the legal limit of 3" is ideal. This lets the SAK main blade be reserved for food prep, and avoids needless wear and tear on the small traditional pocket knife. So a sturdy yet lightweight single blade with a comfortable handle makes sense. One hand opening is a plus.

    I chose the Peasant Mini because of many favourable reviews; also curiosity regarding this modern version of a design from antiquity. Ease of replacement is a factor I now appreciate, balanced with durability, performance, and quality. And this may be helpful to some: for a person plagued with arthritis or rheumatism, etc, the Peasant Mini would likely prove to be simple and comfortable to operate and use.

    The proportions are sensible, the balance and ergonomics are excellent and the colour choice allows for a wide range of personal tastes. Mine is blue. Just because. Actually it is a very visible colour, even in the garden at dusk, and not too garish, to my mind. Each to his own. Front pocket carry was uncomfortable due to the tail of the blade, so back trouser pocket or a jacket pocket works best. YMMV.

    The grind was uneven and the edge was dull but that was quickly sorted by hand grinding on a coarse stone. Then final sharpening on a Sharpmaker. Stropping brings out the best in a plain edge, and this one came up nicely. Don't be afraid to be aggressive when it comes to removing metal to achieve the blade geometry and profile you want. Especially on a pocket knife like the Peasant Mini. Five stars is appropriate because the end result is superb. In life, a little effort and patience is often rewarded.

    Some pocket knives that I bought in the past are beautifully made to a very high standard of quality. GEC and higher end Case and Queen, for instance. But for some jobs they really are too nice to use. The Svord brand just begs to be put to work, and the Peasant Mini lives up to its philosophy of dependable unpretentious reliability. A favourite and heartily recommend. HH, thank you.
    (Posted on )
  15. IncredibleReview by
    Picked this up over a year ago - still my perfect knife. Amazing - resharpen again and again. still shaves arm hair perfectly (Posted on )
  16. Great designReview by
    Friction folders are my new favourite knife design! these knives can be opened with one hand and are non locking but there is no need to worry about the knife closing on your fingers. The svord mini is a great knife after a little work - i put a leather washer on the rear stud of the handle as the tip of the blade made contact with it when shut. I also reshaped the plastic handle by rounding off the point at the end . this makes this less big in the pocket (considering its called the mini its quite a big knife)
    I feel this knife may be slightly over priced compared to the value of the opinels but i prefer it to the opinels as it is uk edc legal and quicker to open. I would recommend this knife to everyone and if you dont like it you can make your own handle to make it your own and the way you like it or just put it in your tool box
    (Posted on )
  17. You get more than you paid for!Review by
    Ordered this as I am newly fascinated by friction folders - this being my first. This is a tactile, tough, sharp little CHEAP workhorse.

    Downside? Tiny rust-mark on the blade edge but this'll polish off the first time I need to sharpen it.

    Fantastically sharp and simple, I love this item. NOW I want to re-scale it in something wooden...
    (Posted on )
  18. poor finishReview by
    Terrible finish. Grind is almost a chisel. It'll take me hours to correct. Might as well buy a blade blank.
    I won't buy another svord.
    (Posted on )
  19. Not bad at all!Review by
    Well first off big thanks to Nick..ordered it on the phone at 3.30pm yesterday and it arrived this morning!! Never had a friction folder but quite like it.Mine needed a sharpen as it was a bit rough but nothing too bad.Handle feels much nicer than I thought from the pics of it.For the price I have no complaints and its uk legal.
    (Posted on )
  20. I like itReview by
    I already own the larger Peasant, and thought I'd give the Mini a try. The edge is a little rough, but sharp, and the grinds are even. I'd expected to have to do a little work on it, but not really. It carries well, and I don't really find the extended tang gets in the way as much as I suspected. It also handles very well, and is comfortable in use The Mini is still a fairly large knife, and I'm not sure I'd feel too comfortable whipping it out of my pocket to slice a cafe sandwich in half, but I bought it primarily as a hiking companion, and for that I think it's well-suited. Opens easily with gloves on too. A great value no-frills friction folder with a blade made from decent steel. (Posted on )
  21. A lot of knife for the moneyReview by
    Most of what has been written below seems right to me. I bought this to try out a friction folder and see how I would get on with the tang in my pocket. In fact it has sat in my jeans hip pocket for a couple of weeks or so and I have forgotten it was there. That being said, when I open it up it seems like quite a big knife for a "mini" and I feel a bit self conscious opening a pack of sandwiches in Pret a Manger. The blade isn't very long but it is quite broad and noticeable. I like the rough-and-ready finish; it takes a good edge; and it feels very safe in the hand. It's not a beauty though, so I think this is bound for my tool box where I am sure it will give years of excellent service. (Posted on )
  22. Great DIY knife projectReview by
    I love this knife because it is the perfect UK legal knife project. You get it very cheap and it is alright, you can use it and it will just get the job done... The review could end there but thing is the svord just starts there. Get a screw driver and take it apart and then use imagination to create different grips, you could do one or multiple and have a different set for every day of the week if you wanted. As for mine the black plastic handle is off and a master silversmith will be I laying silver into a stag horn handle for me and this tiny cheap knife becomes a work of art... Many people have done the same with antler or wood, you only need to google a bit to find it is an excellent project knife. (Posted on )
  23. Getting what you pay forReview by
    First of all, HH (and the Post Office) got the items in this order to me in just under 24 hours, which is outstanding by anyone's standard.

    Now for the knife. A few reviewers have remarked that these Peasant knives can have, well, let's call them 'inconsistencies' in their manufacture. Mine arrived with a badly unequal grind and final bevel as well as a nasty little burr (on which I promptly cut myself) on top of the tip. BW Baker's quality control people really dropped the ball letting this one out of the factory. However...I didn't pay a lot for a knife which I have spent some time sharpening and now it cuts like nobody's business, so at least the steel is good enough. It's destined to go into the garden with me to do the jobs I won't put any of my good blades through. If I leave it laying about, I might spot it fairly easily, being bright orange and I shan't cry if I lose it or it gets knackered somehow.

    Only three stars because of the simply dia-piggin'-bolical finish.
    (Posted on )
  24. very usefulReview by
    Very nice! Perfect size for UK edc and not bad out of box. Maybe a little over priced? I would have thought about ú10 would be about right. But it's a great edc legal knife and I use it daily and really like it! So much better than its larger 'original' cousin. Takes a great edge and holds it too. Use mine every day now..from making sandwitches out and about.. to opening packages and mail! Takes on a very nice pattina too:) love the simple design. (Posted on )
  25. Peasant Mini AwesomnessReview by
    A simple, effective, neat little blade. Legal Carry in the U.K (so is the bigger version at 3 inches). It came moderately sharp which became hair popping after a 5 minute sharpen. If you haven't got one of these.. get one! Perfect little EDC. (Posted on )
  26. GreatReview by
    Have the original. Love it but it was too large. The mini is perfect size for me. UK legal and just feels nicer in hand. After some work on the stones the edge is very good. Love the steel Svord use. It's much nicer than the full size version in my opinion. Have used this for some time know and it's my favourite small knife and edc carry. Perhaps a bit pricy? I'd say ú9.99 would be a more realistic rrp on this. I'd say the plastic ones are a lot better than my full size wood version though. (Posted on )
  27. You'll have to finish it yourself.Review by
    When you get this knife expect that you'll have to sharpen it, stick some small washers in it and adjust it's blade tension before it reaches it's full potential. When you're done you'll treasure the little thing. (Posted on )
  28. You get what you pay for!!!Review by
    O.K. It's an age old saying and in most parts actually true.

    But lets flip it around this time and things really start to make sense about the Peasant Mini.

    For the price I knew it wasn't going to be a show piece, I knew it wasn't going to have the best fit and finish or factory grind. But that for me was the appeal of this great knife.

    Yes it took some work to get the edge to my liking, but I wasn't afraid of working the steel or damaging the "factory grind" .

    With more expensive purchases I have come across situations where I end up second guessing whether or not to put that blade through the task in hand. I know for a fact when it comes to putting the Mini Peasant to work I'll have none of this on my conscious.

    This tool is K.I.S.S. and a welcome addition to my collection and will without a doubt be put to greater use than others I own.
    (Posted on )
  29. Svord Mini PeasantReview by
    This is a cracking little knife. I have it's big brother but don't carry it for legal reasons. This is UK legal so it's now in my day bag with no worries about forgetting its in there. I carry my Swiss Army in my pocket but this is there for more heavy duty work when required. It slips down the back of the Molle webbing on the back of a Maxpedition pouch a treat so its always to hand.

    The blade itself is rough and blackened as you'd expect from a Peasant but it takes a great edge and keeps it well. It's tough too and the simple plastic scales fit the hand well. Even though its a mini my it feels comfortable and stable in my big paws. When open you'd think the notch on the back would dig in but it seems to sit in the recess of your palm so you never really notice it.

    At this price it's awesome value!

    As for Heinnie, if they got their products out any quicker you'd have to suspect magic. Best company I deal with for anything.
    (Posted on )
  30. Great EDC bladeReview by
    Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend, and if anything I'm a little envious as I wish I'd gotten one myself. Very nicely finished blade, although the grind was slightly higher up on one side of the blade, that isn't a problem. Did require a touch up with a sharpening stone, but now it's splitting atoms! Thanks again to Heinnie for light-speed delivery. (Posted on )
  31. The best folding knife design ever?Review by
    It's a great design for sure.

    The plastic handles may look a bit cheap but they feel surprisingly good in the hand.

    Even with my small hands I'm already thinking the slim narrow handle is restricting the potential of the design and blade.

    I'll eventually get round to making a more substantial wooden handle which will release this knifes full potential.

    It's a winner for sure.
    (Posted on )
  32. lovely olde knifeReview by
    Lovely knife with a really retro feel and finish. Love the way you can open it one handed and that the tang will prevent the blade closing on your fingers when gripping the handle. Stupidly easy to sharpen and UK legal, I think this will replace my EDC Swiss Army Knife. Go on grab one and see what all the fuss is about! (Posted on )
  33. By the power of GreyskullReview by
    If Adam carried a knife alongside his sword it'd be one of these.
    Nice and sharp out of the packet but a quick flick across my sharpener had it sharp enough to split atoms by just waving it through the air :)
    It's an odd shape to carry, but a large change pocket suffices or chuck it on your back pocket, it's all good.
    They are cheap enough yet of sufficient quality to use everyday and not be worried about losing it or nicking the blade on anything hard, job jobbed I'd have another in a heartbeat if or when this one gets lost, nicked or wrecked.
    (Posted on )
  34. Strangely appealing.Review by
    I wasn't too impressed with the knife OTB. It wasn't evenly ground and wasn't the sharpest. The overall appearance of the knife is a tad rough. However, after a week of solid use, I have decided that this is actually brilliant. Because it is so rough and rustic looking (especially the blade patina) I'm not at all afraid to use this knife like it was meant for. As a bit of a perfectionist, I always feel a bit icky about scratching up shinier blades, but this one I really work. I put a slightly better grind on the blade, and after a while on the strop I got this as sharp as any I own. It is easy to sharpen up, even when dull using a DC4, and takes a great edge. It offers great grip, and will not close on your fingers because of the protruding tang. The overall appearance is actually quite appealing when you accept its roughness. Overall, I couldn't wish for a better small companion in the woods. HH service was beyond compare once again, I don't know how other sites compete! (Posted on )
  35. pocket sizedReview by
    If you like the peasant knife you will love the mini. Perfect for the pocket and UK legal without having to reshape the blade. Just need one in wood now, get one, they are great for the money. Would make a great present. (Posted on )
  36. a must haveReview by
    Brilliant knife for e.d.c. A quick strop on a leather strop and it was shaving arm hair. I hope Heinnie will be getting the wood handled version as I will be getting two. Heinnies service was second to none as usual. Top marks you lot!!!!!!!!! (Posted on )
  37. Good enough.Review by
    For the same price as a round of drinks it takes some beating. Single handed opening even with your winter gloves on. It's my new EDC knife. Simple design, a good edge after a bit of work and legal carry. (Posted on )
  38. Street legal but large enough to be usefulReview by
    I have had one of the original size for years and found it very useful. However, I keep it in my tool box because the blade is over 3 inches.

    This is large enough to be useful but small enough that I can carry it without legal issues. I would have liked a wood handle but the plastic works fine.
    (Posted on )
  39. Even less than…Review by
    Even less than a week before Christmas HH manage to give excellent service delivering next day with their cheapest delivery option.

    There's really nothing to this knife, a blade, two screws, a stop pin and a plastic handle so there's not much to break and it's easy to take apart to clean. It would be a great knife for a modding project because of this.

    I just received it today so it's yet to get any real world use, but the edge has no problem shaving print or arm hairs although it's going to spend a little time with a Spyderco Sharpmaker because the edge is a little rough - I'm not sure if I just got a bad one, but it's easily sorted and it's the only reason I'm rating this 4 rather than 5.

    I'm going to carry this for a while and see how I get on with it, but I can see myself ordering another one or two at this price in the new year!
    (Posted on )
  40. Peasant MiniReview by
    Superb knife for the money, comfy handle and pretty sharp...and quirky packaging 'available only to first class peasants!' (Posted on )
  41. Pocket palReview by
    I love a good value for money knife, especially if it won't get you in trouble with the law. A few passes on the Lanskey 4 in a box and it was shaving sharp. A new EDC favourite simplicity at its best. Easy one handed opening too. What more could you ask for.... great sevice, fast dispatch comes as standard from HH. (Posted on )
  42. Excellent edcReview by
    The standard peasant is a great cheap user, this one is even better. Small compact size and very useable. Top marks to Svord. Top marks also to Heinnie, professional as always. (Posted on )

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