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Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

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test 1Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpenertest 2Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpenertest 3Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpenertest 4 Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener
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test 1Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Thumbnail Imagetest 2Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpenertest 3test 4
test 1Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Thumbnail Imagetest 2Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpenertest 3test 4

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener



The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own. Using flexible abrasive belts, the sharpener is able to sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks and virtually any other shape of knife blade. The Knife & Tool Sharpener uses precision angle sharpening guides to ensure that you get the proper angle every time. Two guides are included: a 50° guide for hunting and outdoor knives (25° per bevel) and a 40° guide for thinner blades and kitchen knives (20° per bevel). Professional knife makers use flexible belts to put a razor sharp edge on their blades, and now you can have the same technology at home to use any time your knives get dull. You may already have other sharpening methods, but never before has a knife sharpener been able to quickly and easily sharpen this broad range of knives to such extremely sharp results.

The Worksharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is also able to sharpen other common tools including scissors, axes and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, and most any tool with a blade. The versatility of the Knife & Tool Sharpener makes it an invaluable tool for keeping all your blades in razor sharp condition and ready whenever you need them.

What you get:

  • Tool sharpener
  • 40° kitchen knife guide
  • 50° outdoor knife guide, serrated knife guide, scissor sharpening guide
  • Abrasive belt kit P80, P220 and 6000
  • Instructional DVD
  • User's Guide
  • Specification

    Code 09DX002
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Worksharp
    Stone: Belt
    Grit: Assorted
    Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


    1. Brilliant !Review by
      Easy to use with shaving sharp results. Belts last well. No more struggling to get a professional edge. Thanks HH...You are the best at what you do ! Amazing delivery time ! (Posted on )
    2. Solid product Review by
      If you need a good quality sharpening tool for your kitchen and edc knives this is probably the product for you. Whilst I recommend getting a good strop for those hair popping edges for most uses you actually won't need it.
      The problems are it does round the tip and it does remove a lot of steel quickly so follow the instructions. If you cont like a convex edge this isn't for you.
      (Posted on )
    3. eeeeReview by
      This sharpener is excellent gets your knives razor sharp fast and brilliant service from h and h really fast delivery ordered Friday and it came Monday would recommend to any body to get one thanks h and h (Posted on )
    4. Brilliant Review by
      Great HH service as per usual. This unit is brilliant, very easy to use. I did round off the tip on my first knife but second knife worked great. I had the lansky sharpening system and never had a push sharp blade.
      High carbon blades take a little longer but the results are staggering.
      Also cleaned up and sharpened a rusty old axe with no problem.
      Used one of the knives heavily so not push sharp, then just used the 6000 grit belt for 5 passes. Can't praise this highly enough
      (Posted on )
    5. Brilliant Review by
      Bought this after seeing Chris from Preparedmind101 using it. I've never been able to get my knives razor sharp by stone so thought I'd try this. It's brilliant, tried it on a couple of my cooking knives and some of my outdoor knives and put a great edge on within minutes. I have a Fallkniven F1 and always struggled with sharpening the convex edge so this is perfect for me. Highly recommend (Posted on )
    6. Amazing.Review by
      After buying many different sharpening devices I have found the best. Ordered this from HH and was with me the next morning. Promptly gave it a shot with some kitchen knives which came up razor (shaving sharp) within minutes. Then gave it a go on several patterns of fixed and folding blade knives and all of them were super sharp and honed to perfection in no time at all. The guides are great. Well worth the money. Also superb service from HH as normal. (Posted on )
    7. Luddites Response.Review by
      Yes, it's quick. Yes it can treat all types of blades but, having eagerly anticipated it's arrival and used it to sharpen straight blades, I have to confess that I get a better edge with a stone. So, it's convenient, it's quick but.... it's not as satisfying as honing with a stone. If speed is your thing, it's probably worth the cost. (Posted on )
    8. put away your stonesReview by
      Got this for Xmas and it really is excellent. I can put my stones away and achieve a comparable result in a fraction of the time. As I use a knife every day at work,to be able to just go to the shed before I leave and sharpen in a matter of minutes is excellent. I have used on Pohl Force, Dpx Hest, Opinel, Mora, Cold Steel and Boker Plus, in fact it works on everything. (Posted on )
    9. Excellent ProductReview by
      Ordered this sharpener from HH and it arrived the next day.

      Got it out of the box and proceeded to work on my BK-2 which turned up with a horrible edge and I was surprised at how quickly the Worksharp re-profiled the edge with a nice convex bevel not unlike the edge my Lionsteel SR-1 arrive with. Now I really can use my BK-2 for anything!

      One thing I would say is that you definitely don't need to use the 220 grit unless you need a new edge on the knife. Also, you might find that you still want to use an 8000 grit stone and strop to really polish the blade afterwards.

      I used this on a really difficult stainless steel Santoku kitchen knife and it came out absolutely razor edge sharp. Now the wife thinks it is too sharp!

      Really great product that gets great results fast.
      (Posted on )
    10. Amazing sharpenerReview by
      I can't comment on using this for sharpening tools, but for my kitchen knives and folding knives it's been amazing.

      Up to now I've used my Lansky sharpening kit, and I can get a pretty serious edge on my knives, but it's slow and fiddly, and often it wasn't as good as the original factory edge.

      With this Work Sharp sharpener, I've sharpened all my kitchen knives and a few folders this afternoon, it only takes a couple of minutes per knife, and the blades are sharper than they have ever been, with the added benefit of having a robust convex edge (just be careful not to sharpen the tips off your blades).

      As for price, yes, this model is much cheaper in the US for example, but that's often the way. For me it's money well spent as it allows me not to worry about giving my folders a bit of abuse in the field.
      (Posted on )
    11. Save your moneyReview by
      Got one of these from another company sorry Heinnie. Great if you want to sharpen everything with a covex bevel or has a micro edge so penknives and kitchen knives will spoil anything else! Really tho its only worth ú30!! (Posted on )
    12. 230V UK versionReview by
      Hi, I ordered this yesterday afternoon and it arrived with me today, thanks Heinnie! I just wanted to confirm for anyone who was wondering that this is the new 230V version with a proper UK plug fitted, not the 110V US version that was initially released. It's great that they've released a UK version, and I'll post a proper review when I've had a chance to use it. (Posted on )

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